Here at Yoder Woodworks we have made the perfect little greenhouse to protect your plants and vegetables through all environment.

More Info
We use all treated lumber through out the building process.
29 gauge 40 year metal and clear fiber glass siding.
4X6 Runners for easy movability.
Metal and trim colors in 19 different colors.
2 Foot shelves
16"X24" window
Extra windows
Extra faucet
Extra door
Available Sizes
Size             Price                Monthly
8x12            $3,095             $125.81
8x16            $3,545             $144.11
10x12          $3,445             $140.04
10x16          $3,995             $162.40
10x20          $4,445             $180.69
12x12          $3,895             $158.33
12x16          $4,345             $176.63
12x20          $4,745             $192.89
We also build custom sizes and styles.
If you have any more questions please contact us or your nearest dealer. 
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